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With Our Team’s Help, Your Laundry Rooms Can Be Part Of What Makes Your Campus Great

Laundry may be a tiresome task, but finding new ways to make it easier never gets old for us. We’re passionate about delivering service and innovations that give you and your students the best experience possible.

Meet Our Team

Our expert personnel have an average of 15 years’ experience in the industry. They ensure the best possible plan, price, and technology for you and your students.

Terry Heiland

Great Lakes Area Manager

Jill Young

Western Area Manager

Sam Karpuzi

Area Manager

Rhonda Myers

Southeast Area Manager

Leonard Blaney

New England Area Manager

Kathy Marshall

Mid-Atlantic Area Manager

Betsy Caffrey

Regional Manager

Ruben Gonzales

Regional Manager

Maxfield Camp

Regional Manager

Debbie Penikas

Contract / Financial Analyst

Carrie Beach

Marketing Manager

Larissa Jaynes

Marketing Specialist

What Our Partners are Saying

A priority for us was that our housing operation realized an increase in net revenue from our laundry operation over the previous service provider. Again, with the comprehensive package of new machines, education of students, service response, and upgraded and renovated laundry rooms, we have doubled our net revenue over the last year of our previous service provider. This revenue has allowed us to advance our residence life and education program accordingly.


Our overall experience with the CSC Service Works team has always been exceptional. The account has been managed effectively, professionally, and promptly; and it is a collaborative effort that strives to keep fulfillment of our needs in the forefront. The high level of service we receive from CSC ServiceWorks spans not only you as our account manager but also to the stellar service support we receive from Vance McWilliams who works hard to keep us up and running and, on occasion, others at CSC who assist with damage claims, installations, etc. CSC ServiceWorks has been a great business partner and a good fit for the Rockford University campus community.


CSC ServiceWorks were amazing partners to work with as we transitioned from self-op to outsourcing. Even with some administrative and timing challenges, CSC was able to convert six traditional-style residence halls and four apartment complexes with common laundry rooms to new high-efficiency machines with the latest in technology that allows students to pay by multiple methods.


How can we help?

We’ll make it easy to create a functional, worry-free, and inviting laundry room that increases revenue, frees up time, and enhances your resident life experience.

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