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A Modern, Easy-To-Use Laundry
Experience For Students

CSC Digital Laundry creates convenience that extends beyond the laundry room. Students can check machine availability, pay for laundry, receive laundry cycle alerts and even request refunds directly from their mobile device!

Digital Payment Options

Modern payment options that consumers have come to expect including the ability to pay by app, mobile wallets such as Google Pay or Apple Pay, credit/debit, or laundry cards.

Monitoring & Notifications

The CSC GO app provides a modern and easy-to-use laundry experience with the ability to remotely check machine availability and status from anywhere and receive notifications upon cycle completion.

Laundry Room Safety

Vital information can be shared with students allowing them to save time and support overall safety.


A smarter approach to laundry
in the palm of your hand!


We make laundry effortless for administrators

CSC Digital Laundry enables automatic error reporting and service requests plus a powerful administrative portal that puts real-time data at your fingertips.

Administration & Reporting

Managers can access on-demand, real-time data related to usage, revenue and service performance across their laundry operation. Click here to see the information you would have access to through out Client Portal.

Machine Service & Monitoring

Real-time monitoring and live diagnostic reporting sent straight to our service technicians to ensure our team is on-site faster to keep your machines up and running.

Experienced Local Professionals

When you partner with CSC ServiceWorks, you receive the benefit of familiar local technicians, plus the local resources and solutions only a national industry leader can provide.

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We'll make it easy to create a functional, worry-free, and inviting laundry room that increases revenue, frees up time, and enhances your resident life experience.

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