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CSC Digital Laundry

Work smarter, not harder with our comprehensive suite of smart technology and services. Based on your institution’s needs, we’ll develop a tailor-made plan with the right tools for you and your students.

Easy-to-Use Student Services

Through the CSCPay Mobile app or an online account, students can check machine availability, reload funds, receive laundry cycle completion alerts, and request service or refunds from anywhere, at any time.

Real-Time Information

Administrators can enjoy on-demand, up-to-date reporting on overall laundry room performance, service quality and student satisfaction in a user-friendly interface.

Flexible Payment Methods

CSC Digital Laundry supports multiple payment options, including digital payment via the CSCPay Mobile app, as well as access card, credit card, and pre-paid card.

Easy-to-Use Service Reporting

Through the CSCPay Mobile App, students can request service from anywhere, at any time.

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Automated Error Reporting

Digital laundry machines will automatically transmit error codes to your service technician, minimizing down-time. In many cases, our team can resolve the error via a remote reset, before it inconveniences a resident.

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