Building a
Cleaner World
for Future

Doing Our Part to Reduce Our Environmental Impact

We are on a journey to reduce the environmental footprint of campus
laundry through our Lighten the Load™ Carbon Offset Program.


The high efficiency equipment we’ve installed all over the U.S. has saved millions of gallons of water since 1998.


Our fleet is equipped with wireless GPS-based capabilities to optimize driving routes, resulting in a 12% reduction in fuel consumption in our test market alone.


Recycling programs have been standard at our corporate headquarters for years, and we are expanding these programs across all of our local branch offices.

I just wanted to thank you all for supporting the Green Kit initiatives of the College. This year we are submitting an application for Greenest of Easton Awards, and your products and support are highlighted. I think the vendor support we get for the College’s Sustainability Program are unique, and are crucial to instilling and strengthening sustainability values in our campus community. So thank you all so very much for your support, it really does make a difference, and we are appreciative of your efforts.

Gregory J. Wolfe, Stonehill college

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