Putting the Fun
in Laundry

Let’s Enhance Your Students’
Laundry Experience

Doing laundry is the last thing your students need to study for. Give them a cheat-sheet.
Below are signs you can download, print and hang in your laundry rooms.

Help Your Students Sail Through Laundry With Flying Colors

We’ll provide the resources to make it easy:

The Campus Clothes Line

Commercial washers and dryers can be intimidating for students at first. The Campus Clothes Line offers equipment instructions and useful tips that can make doing laundry a little easier.

Customized Marketing Materials

CSC can provide instructional materials that give students a helpful point of reference. You can download resources above, or contact your Regional Manager for customized materials.

Social Media

Encourage students to like CSC ServiceWorks Academic Division on Facebook and follow us on Twitter and Instagram to stay up to date on the latest laundry news, tips, contests, and more!

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We'll make it easy to create a functional, worry-free, and inviting laundry room that increases revenue, frees up time, and enhances your resident life experience.

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